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Log cabins are popular buildings in United Kingdom, France, Japan, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Scotland, Finland, South Africa, Thailand, and other countries. Wood is a sturdy and natural building material so if you're interested in a healthy lifestyle, you should think about owning a log cabin. Furthermore, wood is without any negative effects on the human's body.

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Modern production equipment and technology

We use high accuracy, state of the art technology to achieve smooth, tight connections of the logs. This ensures structure rigidness and also improvement of insulation properties.


1) A tree goes through the milling machine to make it symmetrical.

2) The milled logs then dry for 10 days.

3) The logs go through a smoother milling machine to make it into a perfect cylinder.

4) We make grooves underneath the log and crosscut logs in size.

5) Stud locks, drill holes are made for electrics and wooden pegs.

6) All necessary slots and locks are mathematically calculated and performed with very high accuracy.

7) Every single log is treated with an antiseptic product.

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Bring the outdoors in while pairing natural elements with cozy and serene elegance! 


Logs act as a natural insulator and the logs heat storage capability results in better overall energy efficiency.

The logs also contribute to noise reduction, providing tranquility within your cosy log cabin atmosphere.

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Roof Choice

We offer a range of different roof options including 'Bitumen shingles', through to full metal RUUKKI systems.

Our log cabins are extremely strong and rigid, they can therefor easily withstand the weight of a full terracotta tiled roof and even 'Green roofs' (vegetated roof).

All of our log cabins are modifiable to suit your needs.

We also offer bespoke design. Simply send us your sketch and we can provide a quote for you.