Lars Round Log Cabin

Living / Dining area 

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2


37,2 m²

7,2 m²

21,9 m²

7,2 m²



Floor Area


56,6 m²

6,1 m²

79,9 m²

136,6 m²

From €43 142 ttc

- Standard model is made in 200mm thickness round logs which are delivered in flat packs.


- Standard kit includes: 200mm log walls, insulated (100mm) floor and 28mm floorboards / decking, double glazed wooden windows and doors, insulated (200mm) roof with bitumen shingle cover, trimmings etc.


- All logs will be drilled ready for electrics.


- It is possible to build it on blocks, pillars or any type of foundation. However concrete slab is recommended.


- This cabin can be ordered in different log thickness.

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