Quality log cabin kits sourced from high density Nordic pine trees.

Our log cabins can be delivered in flat packs for self-build, or we can complete the installation for you within weeks. We guarantee the highest quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail from our skilled team of experienced carpenters.

Round Log Cabins

Our log cabins have been carefully vetted for quality and beautiful craftsmanship. All of our log cabins are modifiable and we also offer bespoke design. Different thicknesses of log profiles are available and also roof options such as Ruukki and bitumen shingle.

CheshireHD JPEG.jpg

Cheshire Round Log

33,8 m2                                From €18 489 ttc

York JPEG.jpg

York Round Log

47,2 m2                                From €24 396 ttc

Double kota JPEG.jpg

Double Kota Round Log

17,6 m2                               From €29 737 ttc

Humberland lodge JPEG.jpg

Humberland Round Log

47,4 m2                                From €32 000 ttc

Inverness JPEG.jpg

Iverness Round Log

76,9 m2                                 From €36 979 ttc

Craig-Wilby JPEG.jpg

Craig Round Log

77,6 m2                                From €42 372 ttc

Lars JPEG.jpg

Lars Round Log

136,6 m2                               From €43 142 ttc

Carmen JPEG.jpg

Carmen Round Log

89,8 m2                                From €47 508 ttc

Katrina_lodge JPEG.jpg

Katrin Round Log

101,4 m2                               From €50 076 ttc

FelmoorV1HD JPEG.jpg

Felmoor Round Log

75,7 m2                                From €50 846 ttc

Pertshire JPEG.jpg

Pertshire Round Log

135,2 m2                              From €61 632 ttc

Diane-Cooper-Log-Cabin JPEG.jpg

Diane Round Log

90,1 m2                                From €53 928 ttc

Priit JPEG.jpg

Priit Round Log

270,4 m2                               From €84 744 ttc

Tracy JPEG.jpg

Tracy Round Log

122,7 m2                              From €57 523 ttc

Hugh JPEG.jpg

Hugh Round Log

233,7 m2                              From €95 529 ttc

Round log cut JPEG.jpg

Our log cabins are sourced from high density, Eastern European pine trees.

Different log profiles for the structure of the cabin are available. Both square and round log.


As standard the roof and floors are insulated. The option for insulated walls is also an option.

70x135 Massiivpalk.jpg
200mm round log Massivpalk.jpg
140x191 Massiivpalk.jpg
92x135 Massiivpalk.jpg





- Anything is possible.. -

If you already have your dream cabin plan in mind, or would like to make changes to one of our existing log cabins, simply send us your ideas or a sketch and we will supply you with a quote.